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Welcome to The Family Prayer Wall. Here you can commit to pray for others and ask for others to pray for you. So far, 71 requests have been presented and 397 people have committed to pray for those requests!

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Restoration/DeliveranceMary Martinez002-14-2019
Lord reconnect John and Mary. Take away all division and distance between us. Lord, we need your grace and mercy to get along. Tear down walls that have been built, melt hearts, and restore compassion and forgiveness to both. Thank you for your miracles and blessings in this situation. I know Lord, you love us. I love you Lord.
Marriage struggles Anonymous301-29-2019
I feel short with my husband lately, Under anxiety and stress. I feel we are struggling to communicate about many things including starting a family and helping around the house. I feel lost and empty. We dated 3.5 years we talk about future stuff, now I try to talk he shuts down and I yell at him for not communicating. I feel he’s a kid and irritates me. I love his heart, his faith, his wisdom, his patience, his care for me, ever since we got married 1.5 years it’s been a struggle for me to get a job, save money, and stuff. We are going to the marriage weekend, pray for us to be one. Also we visit with his uncle that’s Christian for mentoring. Also prayer group at church recently.
AnswersMary Kohel401-24-2019
There are so many details that I can't get into but I just need to know do we keep the business or go back out and get a job. Do we keep the house or take an offer to sell it? So close to retirement and these questions keep nagging without answers I would just like to know what direction to go in please.
Prayers for my NieceLacey Schadrie401-21-2019
My 17-year-old niece has been diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma. As she begins treatment, our family is asking for as many prayers as possible. She has a long, uphill battle ahead, and we are praying for hope and strength!

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